Anca Moscaliuc, an Erasmus for Young Entrepreuners in Matera with Casa Netural

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Anca Moscaliuc, an Erasmus for Young Entrepreuners in Matera with Casa Netural

Anca Moscaliuc, is a young entrepreuner from Romania. Thanks to the connection with Materahub, she lived in Coliving Casa Netural for 3 months, and enjoyed our community life, while working with our associate Mariateresa Paolicelli for her Erasmus for Young Entrepreuners in Matera. And this is one of the million of opportunities that our association can give you!

We asked her how she felt about her choice and what she took with her after this experience in Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019.

anca moscaliuc erasmus giovani imprenditori evs matera casa netural

Dear Anca, can you introduce yourself a bit? Where are you from? How old are you? Tell us about your professional path and what brought you here.

Hi, my name is Anca Moscaliuc, I’m from Suceava, Romania and I’m 23 years old.
Two years ago I graduated Law School in Romania, but I soon realised that my dreams and beliefs were in contradiction with the path I chose when I was younger. In that moment, I started the journey towards finding what makes me happy and what I want to do with my life. I was always in close connection with the educational field, thanks to my parents who are both teachers. At some point, while I was studying the educational system and methodology, it came to me that I wanted to help children that are struggling in schools and that feel unhappy just
because of an old, out-dated system. The idea was to create ‘safe houses’ where kids and youths have the chance to learn English while learning more about themselves, their personality and their main strengths. Naturally, I wanted to learn from somebody that shares a vision similar to mine and this is how I ended up in Matera, with an Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, which connected me to Neturaltalk and the person behind it, Mariateresa.

How did you find the connection with Casa Netural? What did you do with your tutor Maria Teresa?

For me, things quickly fell into the right places. The Intermediary Organisation that operates contacted me some hours after I uploaded my project on the platform, and told me about Mariateresa. We got in touch soon after this moment and we clicked. I remember when we scheduled the interview on Skype and I was listening mesmerized to her while she was telling me all about the project and in that moment, I knew this experience would have been one of the greatest. And in fact it was, because I was taught everything related to a business like this, from management to social media and most importantly, about the teaching method she uses to achieve the goal of the courses.

Anca Moscaliuc

How was your experience in the coliving and the coworking spaces of Casa Netural? What about the community?

When Mariateresa told me that it was possible for me to live in the place where everything happens, I was beyond happy and relieved. It was very useful to learn from everybody’s work and to see how to make theoretical things happen in real life. People need leaders, need places where they feel valued and I think Casa Netural is a perfect example for this. The community is amazing, it was encouraging to see how people react to good initiatives.

Did you enjoy Matera? What hit you the most about the city and what makes it unique for you?

The first time I entered the balcony in Piazza Vittorio Veneto I had tears in my eyes. Every time it touches me to see the incredible view. When you go down the stairs and enter the old city you feel like you entered another world. No picture can capture the beauty of the city. For me, it is unique because it was the place where I felt for the first time that I belong to. I hope that maybe someday, I will own a place here because it feels like home and it is the place where everything started. I am in love with the city and I brought my family and my closest friends here and they all had the same reaction. Matera is a perfect place to get lost, because on the tiny streets you might find yourself.

anca matera casa netural

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