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Il Coliving a Casa Netural di Jessie Wilcox

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Il Coliving a Casa Netural di Jessie Wilcox

A metà settembre è stata con noi Jessie Wilcox, ricercatrice americana della Harvard Design School. E’ giunta fino a Matera per scoprire l ‘ “architettura di sottrazione” che proprio la nostra città rappresenta benissimo! Ma ha vissuto molto di più grazie al nostro Coliving, proprio come ci racconta!


I was told about Casa Netural and Coliving by a fellow couchsurfer, which, for me, is an instant high recommendation because I knew the people there would be open, friendly and supportive regardless of anything else.  But, what I got from the moment I arrived was even more than that, immediate comraderie and full support of my project ideas.  I have been traveling for research and the open nature of it can be difficult to grasp.  Everyone at Casa Netural listened earnestly and equally earnestly connected me with others in the city who might help or inspire me.  It led my research down avenues and back alleys just as surprising and fulfilling as the roads of Matera itself: one meeting or excursion leading to another, weaving back together in illuminating and beautiful ways. 
Coliving was such a welcomed and unbelievable help, as well it provided me with fast friends on what is a long and very introspective journey for me.
These are people all about action!  And I saw first hand they are making positive change in Matera and Basilicata. ☆

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