Le 5 esperienze da fare a Matera

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Le 5 esperienze da fare a Matera

You still haven’t been to Matera and you’re looking for unique experiences to visit it?
Casa Netural made several lists with useful tips that will help you around the magical City of Sassi!

Let’s get started! Here’s the first list: 5 EXPERIENCES TO MAKE IN MATERA!

5 esperienze da fare a Matera


  • Jogging in the Sassi

Matera is always breathtaking, from dusk to down. Take your sneakers and plan a run in the oldest part of the city, where silence reigns. Go down the stairs near Palazzo Lanfranchi and you will find characteristic alleys, with colorful windows and front doors, flowers and plants which decorate balconies. Whichever way you decide to continue, the Murgia show will brighten your eyes.


  • Yoga at Madonna dell’Idris

Are you a fan of the discipline of meditation? Take your yoga mat and go to Madonna dell’Idris, one of the oldest rock churches in Matera. In the square in front of the church, you can enjoy a show of white tuff, unspoiled nature and, above all, peace.


  • From Gravina Stream to Belvedere

Looking out from Piazza San Pietro Caveoso, it is easy to be charmed by the sound of the waters of the Gravina Stream; walking a few hundred meters downhill, you reach the stream, admiring the Sassi on one side, and the Murgia with its Canyons on the other. Thanks to a guided path, you reach the top of the Belvedere to discover the oldest part of the city, characterized by rock churches, typically Mediterranean vegetation and caves dating back to prehistoric times. Inevitable accessory: comfortable shoes!


  • Pic Nic at Parco Scultura La Palomba and “Le Gravinelle”

Starting from San Pardo, the neighborhood where Casa Netural is located, and going along the old pasta factory Mulino Alvino, now transformed into a hotel with banquet halls, you go down the San Vito (be careful of cars driving!) and after a few hundred meters you will get to Parco Scultura La Palomba: the artist Antonio Paradiso has installed a permanent exhibition in this tuff quarry to enhance contemporary art. After having lunch there, laying on the grass, you can go back along the so-called Gravinelle: you will have the opportunity to observe the spontaneous vegetation and the typical structures and, if you are lucky, you can meet some nice sheep!


  • Aperitivo at Madonna delle Vergini

Imagine a Friday evening with cozy breeze: you only want to relax with a bunch of friends. 

Having an aperitif at the Church of the Madonna delle Vergini is a unique experience; do this: take your car, go first to la Bottega del Vicinato, a very nice meat and cheese shop, buy the typical products that Saverio recommends meticulously and drive for 5 more minutes. You will reach a place that needs no descriptions! You will have the Sassi and the Murgia within your reach and you will find yourself watching a beautiful fiery sunset. Most importantly: don’t forget your camera!

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To organize your daily trip take a look at our map of the 5 experience to make in Matera, print and share it with your friends!

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