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Coliving italy, the phenomenon is growing

It was back in 2012 when we launched our rural coliving project in Matera (10 years ago).

Born with the aim of generating a new social impact in Southern Italy, through the promotion of inspirational meetings and exchanges of visions between international guests and the local community, coliving soon became one of the most important projects of our association, generating worldwide friendships and connections as well as continuous evolution for our members.

coliving italy - casa netural

In these 10 years of activity, we have had the pleasure of hosting in Matera people from all over the world: social innovators, curious travellers, and in recent years especially digital nomads or in general people who work remotely have the possibility to travel and work from the place they prefer.

Focusing in particular on these last guests, the most fascinating thing is that often, what attracts them to Matera is not the city itself, but the possibility to join a place like Casa Netural, place that allows them to comfortably work on their projects and at the same time to share social moments and experiences together with the community and the other professionals who are living in our house.
Nowadays, indeed, more and more so-called digital nomads are combining the possibility of working remotely with their notebooks with a nomadic lifestyle, traveling and merging into different communities as true temporary residents of the place.

And there are more and more coliving spaces as well. (more…)

Coliving, the way digital nomads and remote workers enjoy Matera and Basilicata

It was back in 2012 when we launched the coliving project in Matera, to host people from all over the world in the city and create daily generative encounters between the local community and social innovators, digital nomads and curious travelers.

Since that day we have had the pleasure of hosting so many unique people every month and sharing not only coworking moments but also skills, lunches, dinners, explorations and visions with them.

coliving italy, casa netural, matera

The month of August, speaking of meeting and sharing, was truly unforgettable.

From Poland we had the pleasure of welcoming Michal, a young software developer and a great traveler, who chose to live at Casa Netural for two months, so that together with our community he could fully go deep into the Mediterranean culture of Basilicata. During the day he worked on his notebook in our shared office, connected with people miles away; in the evenings he hanged out with the rest of our house guests and frequented the places experienced by the citizen of Matera, from the brewery to the gym.

Helen, a lover of literature, art, nature, philosophy, exploration and adventure, came to Casa Netural to disconnect from her daily routine and explore new social and human contexts, which are essential for her to be able to regenerate. (more…)