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Anca Moscaliuc, an Erasmus for Young Entrepreuners in Matera with Casa Netural

Anca Moscaliuc, is a young entrepreuner from Romania. Thanks to the connection with Materahub, she lived in Coliving Casa Netural for 3 months, and enjoyed our community life, while working with our associate Mariateresa Paolicelli for her Erasmus for Young Entrepreuners in Matera. And this is one of the million of opportunities that our association can give you!

We asked her how she felt about her choice and what she took with her after this experience in Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019.

anca moscaliuc erasmus giovani imprenditori evs matera casa netural

Dear Anca, can you introduce yourself a bit? Where are you from? How old are you? Tell us about your professional path and what brought you here.

Hi, my name is Anca Moscaliuc, I’m from Suceava, Romania and I’m 23 years old.
Two years ago I graduated Law School in Romania, but I soon realised that my dreams and beliefs were in contradiction with the path I chose when I was younger. In that moment, I started the journey towards finding what makes me happy and what I want to do with my life. I was always in close connection with the educational field, thanks to my parents who are both teachers. At some point, while I was studying the educational system and methodology, it came to me that I wanted to help children that are struggling in schools and that feel unhappy just
because of an old, out-dated system. The idea was to create ‘safe houses’ where kids and youths have the chance to (more…)

Incubatore Netural: al via i percorsi per realizzare le proprie idee imprenditoriali

Mariateresa è una giovane insegnante ed imprenditrice materana, insegna inglese attraverso metodologie ludiche con il progetto sperimentale Netural Talk. La settimana scorsa ha partecipato al nostro Incubatore Netural e Samuele l’ha intervistata!

incubatore netural matera maria teresa paolicelli
Samuele: Ciao Mariateresa, ci racconti chi sei?
Mariateresa: Ciao Samuele, mi chiamo Mariateresa Paolicelli, ho 32 anni, sono di Matera e sono un’insegnante di inglese certificata CELTA e un’esperta di metodologie ludiche e intelligenze multiple.

Samuele: Perché hai deciso di partecipare all’incubatore Netural? Quale progetto stai sviluppando?
Mariateresa: Nell’ Incubatore sto lavorando sul mio personal branding e su come utilizzare in maniera accurata il mio tempo a disposizione nel progetto Netural Talk. Avevo bisogno di un aiuto esterno per capire come rendere redditizie e sostenibili le mie competenze. E’ da 4 anni che lavoro come insegnante di inglese e posso considerarlo il mio lavoro, che amo e mi dà da vivere. Adesso però è il momento di crescere ed evolvere. (more…)