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Netural Coop: Matera 2019, il turismo di comunità crea sviluppo

Si è svolto a Matera, nell’ambito dell’evento internazionale “All Routes Lead to Rome”, il seminario “Matera 2019, comunità capitale europeo” promosso da Netural Coop.

Netural Coop _Matera 2019 Comunità Capitale Europea

Grazie ai rappresentanti di Airbnb, Banca Prossima, Fondazione Matera-Basilicata2019, Wonder Grottole e Casa Netural, il seminario, moderato dalla giornalista Antonella Ciervo, è stata l’occasione per parlare di nuove forme di accoglienza sostenibile, partecipata, aperta, autentica, in cui le comunità sono le protagoniste principali, in grado di ricollegare le persone ai loro territori, alle loro storie e alle loro vite.

“Il turismo deve creare una interazione attiva con la comunità locale per generare economia sostenibile per tutto il territorio.” ha dichiarato Mariella Stella, rappresentante di Netural Coop e co-fondatrice di Casa Netural. (more…)

Mammamiaaa Day Europe 24 november 2018

To Strengthen the connection between Basilicata and all of Europe is one of the main goals of the cultural program of Matera 2019, European Capital of Culture.

On 24th November 2018, to celebrate this vision, a Mammamiaaa Day Europe will be held, a special event that will involve families from all over Europe.

mammamiaaa day europe

Mammamiaaa is a project of Matera 2019, a co-production between the Foundation Matera Basilicata 2019 and Casa Netural. A celebration of food and relationships, the social way in which diverse communities consume, produce and preserve food in their daily lives. It’s about a connection to a place, and a bridge between the generations.

Many people have already participated throughout Italy becoming part of the great community of Mammamiaaa sharing family stories and recipes from their homes. On November 24th during the neighborhood week in the city of Leeuwarden, which will see the Dutch citizens host the representatives of the various European Capitals of Culture in their homes, the project will be officially launched at the European level with a Mammamiaaa Day Europe.

From all over Europe anyone could participate in the project. To participate is really easy, people just need a family recipe, a story linked to it, and the desire to share this heritage at a meal which they will only have to organize and host.