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5 cose da mangiare a Matera

The most common risk when you travel is to find yourself sitting in those restaurants with red checkered tablecloths and Italian flags that offer the so-called “tourist menu”, which is a fixed price menu with neither traditional nor genuine dishes, and as you know, food is a serious matter in Italy!

cosa mangiare a matera

Casa Netural cares about the taste buds of its guests and for this reason we offer you a list of the 5 best things to eat in Matera … mouth-watering!


  • Cavatelli pasta with toasted breadcrumbs and deep-fried dried Peperoni Cruschi

Whether you eat it in a fancy restaurant with a view of the Sassi or admiring the   Belvedere sitting on some steps, home-made pasta is always a pleasure. This time, the seasoning is totally special: we bet you (barely) have never heard of Peperoni Cruschi before! After drying them in the sun and removing all the seeds, you would just thrown them straight into the pan in boiling oil for a few seconds.  (more…)