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Casa Netural: un coliving arcobaleno a Matera

Esattamente un anno fa abbiamo partecipato con la nostra community al Matera Heroes Pride, la prima edizione lucana del Gay Pride: è stata una delle più belle esperienze che abbiamo mai vissuto.

E’ stata una cosa naturale, d’altronde il nostro coliving è nato proprio per invitare le persone a condividere le proprie idee e le proprie storie, senza avere paura di fallire o di non essere accettati. Un invito che vogliamo ribadire oggi soprattutto per la comunità lgbtq: Casa Netural è un coliving arcobaleno!!!!!!!!

Matera Heroes Pride- coliving lgbtq Italy

Dal 2012 ospitiamo persone da tutto il mondo per ispirarci a vicenda condividendo competenze e passioni, ma soprattutto storie di vita, e uno degli incontri più importanti che abbiamo vissuto è stato proprio con il mondo lgbtq. 

Nel 2018 abbiamo abbiamo avuto il piacere di ospitare nella nostra casa a Matera Brent Hartiger e Michael Jensen, una coppia gay di origini americane; sono entrambi scrittori di romanzi gay e nomadi digitali e circa tre fa hanno venduto la propria casa e iniziato a girare il mondo per lasciarsi ispirare dai luoghi che visitano per il loro lavoro. 

Brent e Michael hanno vissuto con noi per tutta l’estate e attraverso i racconti dei loro viaggi ci hanno fatto scoprire moltissime novità sul mondo dei nomadi digitali e dello smart working.

Ma soprattutto, condividendo la loro vita personale, la loro esperienza di scrittori gay e il loro attivismo nel mondo lgbtq con la comunità locale hanno fatto scoprire a tanti ragazzi e ragazze, informazioni e strumenti utili per vivere al meglio la propria omosessualità.  (altro…)

Coliving: a deep cultural exchange for communities

Over the years, the Coliving at Casa Netural has welcomed many guests, including digital nomads, freelance professionals, but also tourists and families from all over the world, who have inevitably left their mark and an irreplaceable and precious memory.

With most of our guests we created a deep bond of friendship and, despite the many kilometers that divide us, we are able to keep in touch and we have created a network that truly embraces the world.

Last month with Mike Knas, who lives in Boston – United States, we did a Netural School Live on FB on the topics he really cares more about: marketing, design thinking and innovative methods.

mike knas coliving casa neturalMike is a digital nomad and works remotely, traveling the world. Before visiting our Coliving in February 2019, he had already been to Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania and Slovenia and couldn’t wait to be in Matera to immerse himself in the magic of the historic center and Lucanian traditions. Casa Netural, for Mike, was the best solution for his lifestyle, balancing the work and the need to visit new exciting places.

Here is what he wrote about his experience:

“Upon arriving in Matera, I was anxious to find the old town and see it with my own eyes. But because of the 6 hour time zone difference I needed to work by 3pm. 

So I checked in at Case Netural. Samuele, one of the hosts, showed me around, my living quarters, coworking space, and introduced me to everyone as well. I immediately felt warmth and interest from people who used the space. Everyone was kind and super curious about how in the world I head about Matera and why I wanted to visit. Early in the afternoon, I experienced something really cool. The espresso break. One of the residents went downstairs and shortly thereafter came up with a tray of espresso and snacks. I really appreciated how social Casa Netural residents were. a few Casa Netural members went to the kitchen to prepare a meal with locally sourced ingredients. I definitely participated, and took moments to notice how a community became a family to make and share the meal. In addition, the Casa Netural members included people from different parts of the world, for someone like me who thrives on such diversity, it was the best day ever.I’ve been to so many innovation hubs, but the social ones stand out the most because they help preserve humanity, kindness, and provide economic opportunities. Casa Netural became my favorite. “ (altro…)