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The trip to TribeWanted

Earlier this year the wonderful power of networking introduced Casa Netural to a similar project in Umbria, central Italy.

A common contact through The Hub global networking enterprise told Casa Netural about the existence of a eco-community that was developed and run by its users – a fascinating concept.

Tribe Wanted is a scheme that was first established in Sierra Leone and was spurred through the idea of sustainable tourism and collaboration.

After some research, Casa Netural contacted Tribe Wanted with the thought that it would be beneficial to share ideas, experiences and thoughts about projects of social innovation in rural Italy.

The kind team at Tribe Wanted were equally responsive to our call out and immediately invited us to visit their “home” –Monestevole, 20 minutes outside of Perugia.

Welcome to Monestevole [ENGLISH] from Tribewanted on Vimeo.

In April Casa Netural co-founders Andrea and Mariella journeyed to Tribe Wanted to live first hand the experience of innovative tourism.

The connection with the Tribe Wanted founders was strong and many common motivations were uncovered.

Tribe Wanted invited Casa Netural to contribute to their blog to share the project and further promote rural collaboration and social innovation.

In the spirit of sharing, here is the final product.



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