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"An Ocean of Plastic" Erica Cirino's talk in Casa Netural

Deep in the blue, billions and billions of microplastics dwell among algae and fishes.

Their size is so small, that they can easily be mistaken for food by the unaware inhabitants of the ocean. The tiniest, the most dangerous. 

These are some of the worst threats to the Planet’s health.

Erica Cirino, journalist, scientist and artist from the U.S., guest of our Coliving space, gave us the greatest honour of hosting a talk about her days sailing the Pacific
. She wasn’t on a pleasant cruise: the trip was an expedition with the aim of assessing the impact of plastics on marine ecosystems.

In front of a room full of attentive participants, Erica showed us the beautiful images captured on board of the S/Y Christianshavn.

“We must go and see for ourselves” 

The words from Jacques Cousteau have inspired the work of this young nature lover, who in 2016 has sailed for 23 days from Los Angeles to the Hawaii, together with a team of danish scientists. The danish NGO  Plastic Change wanted to have a first-hand look to the “garbage patch”, which was previously considered a floating island of bottles, containers and everything that has been made in plastic from the ’50s until now.  (more…)