Home and community for social innovation in Matera, in the heart of Mediterranean Sea.

An inclusive place that gathers local people and social innovators from all over the world to live together coworking and coliving experiences, sharing skills and visions.

Casa Netural matera

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coworking matera

A perfect solution to save money and share your working space with many interesting people. All you need to work in a unique service.

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coliving matera italy

An incredible experience of community life. An opportunity to bring here your professional projects, or your life changes. A new way to unplug yourself from the routine, get inspired, meet new people and clients, and connect with an interesting reality while exploring a unique city.

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netural walk

Relational and anthropological hikes, an opportunity for authentic inspiration and networking discovering the little villages and rural communities of Italy

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If you look for more information or do you want to visit the space

feel free to send a mail to casa@benetural.com

Exploring Basilicata

Basilicata is full of dinamic people that every day create social impact. If you would like to meet this inspiring and regenerative people, take a look on the Exploring Basilicata map we created during our travels.

Join our community and our travel around the region: Netural Walk