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The goal of our association is the creation of a collaborative, aware and active community around the topics of social innovation, inclusion, sustainability, culture and participation. We accomplish this by organizing social gatherings to stimulate civic imagination, exchange know-how and skills and generate widespread knowledge, trigger constructive debates between communities, businesses, schools and institutions, and promote a new culture of relationships.

If you recognize yourself in these values and would like to participate in our activities, the door is open. Choose the mode in which you prefer to participate and fill out the form below.

Affiliate of Casa Netural (15€) – Each affiliate is a fundamental member of our community and is called to contribute actively to the life of the association and participate in the assemblies. In addition to being able to participate in scheduled activities and be entitled to the Netural Card , he/she will have the opportunity to engage with inspiring people and learn new approaches, be part of a heterogeneous and cross-sectional network of contacts, and broaden his/her skills.

Friend of Casa Netural (from 5€ and more) – Every friend who recognizes himself/herself in the associative values and wants to support the activities of Casa Netural. Is entitled to our special Netural Card, which allows them to obtain discounts and reserved benefits at various commercial activities.

Collective Membership (50€ ) – Non-profit organizations and associations, businesses, start-ups, public bodies and institutions, foundations and committees, active locally and nationally, who recognize themselves in the mission of Casa Netural and wish to be part of the community of innovators, supporting the association through an annual fee. They participate or propose new projects or local events to create a network of collaborations accumulated by the same values and vision of society.

Casa Netural Associazione

Activities planned for the association year 2024*.

School of Community Knowledge: workshops and moments of exchange based on the exchange of skills among citizens to create widespread knowledge. Learn new techniques and cultivate new passions, or become a teacher for a day and share what you know or love to do!
Netural Walk: our anthropological walks to discover the villages of Little Italy (that’s how we call the more periferic part of our country) through encounters with their communities. Each Netural Walk is an original adventure and takes us to discover little known places and interesting projects very often hidden even to the inhabitants of the local area themselves. Explore the region with us!
Casa Netural Incontra: networking moments to discover projects that generate social impact, and encourage the construction of networks in the territory. Meet our special guests and be inspired by their stories and experiences!
Social moments: aperitifs, lunches, dinners and exclusive themed parties to have fun and socialize while meeting old and new friends.
Events, meetings and debates: visions and values always guide us to generate moments of confrontation, participate with us and give space to your thought, your voice and your civic activism.

*Some individual activities require a fee to participate.

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