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Coliving in Italy: merging work and holidays

After returning home, following a beautiful walking trip to discover Basilicata (here an article in Italian), we had the pleasure of meeting new friends from all over the world: Francisca, Daniel, Ariana and for the second time in recent years also Amaia (what a nice surprise!).

Kika and Daniel, a new life as digital nomads

Francisca, or as we call her friendly, Kika, is a customer success manager (working for remote ) born and raised in Porto, Portugal. Her life as a digital nomad began in Madeira, where she met other people who chose this lifestyle, and then continued in Spain, at the coliving Sende. Arriving in Italy for her holidays in August, she was looking for a place to go back to work and at the same time meet other people who, like her, worked remotely along their travels, and that’s how she landed at Casa Netural.

francisca cruz

Daniel instead joined us from Germany, where he works as an app designer for an insurance startup. His company has recently confirmed to employees the possibility of working remotely from other EU countries and he took the opportunity to live a bit in Italy, meeting other professionals and looking for new inspiration, but at the same time visiting a city like Matera immersing yourself in the nature that surrounds it.

We lived a short time with them, but the synergy was really great and after work we had the pleasure of tasting one of the best Panzerotti in the city.

If you like experimenting with new foods, you shouldn’t miss it!

Daniel Kern

Ariana, on travel discovering her Italian roots

Ariana, who is Italian-American (she lives in New York where her grandparents moved a time ago from Calabria), graduated from Cornell University in Italian and German, and works in a consulting firm that does business with Brazil and Latin America. Having the possibility to work remotely, she chose Casa Netural as a destination to visit Southern Italy and meet other digital nomads. She has been living with us for about a month and recently traveled with her family to discover Puglia and Basilicata. Matera is truly the perfect place to discover Mediterranean culture, it is one of the most ancient cities in the world, and from here you can easily reach many other incredible destinations of Southern Italy like Alberobello, Naples, Salerno.

ariana croese

Amaia, a digital nomad travelling on a camper van

But the meetings did not end here, because Amaia also joined us from Spain.
Traveling to Greece, Amaia had already been to Casa Netural last year. She had recently bought a van to work while traveling, merging work and holidays (what a wonderful idea) and along the way she stopped in Matera in our coworking to better focus on her goals comfortably seated on a good desk. In September she came back to visit us to work once again in our open space. A meeting that made us very happy!

amaia Baz Iriarte

In short, it’s been a month full of meetings and new friendships enlightened by the value of sharing.

And you, would you like to know Matera, Basilicata and Southern Italy?
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