SUMMER 2020: Have a one-week coliving experience in Matera

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SUMMER 2020: Have a one-week coliving experience in Matera

Summer is coming and the Coliving of Casa Netural has finally opened again!

2020 tested us from its very beginning, and after more than two months at home we can finally go out again.

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We are ready to welcome our guests at the Coliving of Casa Netural for a one-week special formula.

By choosing the Coliving of Casa Netural you will be able to get in touch with our Mediterranean culture of southern Italy, characterized by its calmness and warmth. 

Freelancers looking for inspiration, nomad workers, digital workers and explorers from all over the world curious to visit the city of the Sassi, but also families looking for new adventures, will be welcomed in our community with the great enthusiasm and affection that characterizes Casa Netural, in compliance with all the sanitation rules to prevent and defeat Covid-19. 

The environment is completely sanitized, has a temperature measuring device at the entrance, gloves and hand sanitizing gels are available throughout the house.

In the Coliving there are 5 rooms (two doubles and three singles) all equipped with comfortable workstations and furnished with recycled elements that have been given a new life. There are two shared bathrooms, a large equipped kitchen available for guests, a large coworking space and a room dedicated to business meetings in total privacy. 

It takes only five minutes on foot to get downtown and be in the “Sassi” district, a maze of historic cave dwellings and churches etched into the tufo rock surrounded by beautiful valleys. 

Casa Netural is located in San Pardo, one of the most evocative and characteristic neighborhood of Matera. It offers many open spaces and green areas where you can read a book (we also have a very rich library where you can borrow many books!), do your workout, use your smartphone or simply lie down with a towel on the lawn to relax, perhaps listening to your favorite music. 

There are many small shops that the neighborhood offers: the florist around the corner, the pharmacy, the delicatessen that sells local delights or the trusted greengrocer, always ready to welcome you with a smiling “Good morning!”.

coliving italy

Frederic Balussaud, French personal trainer who offers online consultancy, was with us for a month for his first Coliving experience. Here’s what he writes about it: “I wanted to improve my Italian. At that moment, there were only 3 co-living places in Italy and Casa Netural seemed to have the criteria I was looking for, in order to test the magic of working and living with online people. It was the first time I was going to the South of Italy. It was very special in Casa Netural due to the fact most of the people working there are Italian and living in Matera and around. It is due to the common projects they have for example the Mammamiaaa one. It’s an excellent way to improve Italian and go deep into the culture of Matera. I would recommend staying at the Coliving in Casa Netural: I’ve enjoyed the sound mentality, the great people there, the co-working space and the big kitchen.” 

Making a Coliving experience is not only an option, but also a way of life that enriches you with new inspirations and relationships, day after day. An important opportunity to relax and dedicate yourself to your professional projects or your life changes.

It is a new way to get to know realities, stories and new people, look for new customers, get to know a unique city, living it from the point of view of its inhabitants. Coliving at Casa Netural, thanks to our Creative and Cultural Business Hub, is also the perfect place to start working on your ideas and turn them into reality, or to enhance your existing projects.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Click here to book your week or to get more info.

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