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Casa Netural: coliving LGBTQ friendly

If you search on the internet the definition of coliving it is not easy to find a clear and simple answer .. but for us one thing is certain: the most important aspect of a coliving is the community and the capability of the host to create connections between travelers and local people. 

Coliving is about hospitality and acceptance.

Since 2012 we have been hosting people from all over the world and we had the privilege of hosting many digital nomads, designers, curious travelers, couples and families. Each meeting was unique and started new friendships and important opportunities for cultural exchange for us and the citizens of Matera. 

In 2018, for example, we hosted Brent Hartiger and Michael Jensen, gay couple, writers and LGBTQ avtivists from America;

Brent and Michael sold their home and decided to travel the world as digital nomads, getting inspired by the places they visit for their work

They lived with us in our home in Italy and with our community throughout the summer, and in their words summed up everything that means coliving for us. 

brent e michael coliving casa netural

“Casa Netural really is truly unique compared to other co-living facilities. For one thing, Matera itself is spectacular, very very much worth visiting. So many wonderful memories of the Sassi, which is the most fantastic place we’d never heard of before arriving somewhere.

But what we loved most about Casa Netural is how well-integrated it is in the local community. Many co-living facilities try to do this, but none as well as Casa Netural. In the end, you often end up socializing mostly with other nomads and long-term travelers, not locals.

 At Casa Netural, many of the folks in the co-working area are locals, which is terrific. 

During this coliving experience, we made one of our best nomad friends, Gillian Miller, and the three of us just spent a month in Mexico City together, and now (during the pandemic) we’re sharing a house in a American suburb.

We also loved the staff. Obviously, they get a lot of people passing through, but we never got the sense that we were interchangeable or anonymous. We felt like we made genuine friendships, which last to this day.

A week or so after we arrived at Casa Netural, the community manager, Andrea, asked Michael and me how we’d feel about giving a presentation to the local LGBTQ community group: RiSvolta. He figured people would be interested to hear about our writing careers, and also our experience as a gay digital nomad couple.”

RiSvolta Association is the first point of reference in Matera for the LGBT community and has the aim of creating a laic society in which human and civil rights are recognized, promoted and guaranteed for all citizens, without discrimination. For this community meet people as Brent and Michael means to see what’s happening in the rest of the world and it is really a great value.

“A week later, Michael and I sat in front of a packed room, in the back of a restaurant just outside the Sassi. Andrea himself translated for the most of the people in the audience who didn’t speak English.

We talked about our writing careers, our decision to leave home and travel the world, and our long history of LGBTQ activism.

The audience listened to us, enraptured. We felt like rock stars. We weren’t speaking their language, but they sure were speaking ours.

Coliving for us it’s really a projects that finds its main purpose in creating human interactions between local and global people and can foster social inclusion and cultural awareness about special themes like the lgbtq community.

Moreover Casa Netural is part of MateraFriendly, a circuit that combines commercial and cultural activities, tourist-accommodation facilities, under the common aim of committing to breaking down any form of discrimination related to sexual orientation and to recognize and welcome LGBT people and couples and homogeneous families.

So, if you are looking for your next travel escape in Italy and for a community with which work while sharing your passions and ideas, we wait for you in Matera.

You could easly book a coliving experience by writing us at or by clicking the button below.

Matera Heroes Pride- coliving lgbtq Italy

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