Coliving, the way digital nomads and remote workers enjoy Matera and Basilicata

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Coliving, the way digital nomads and remote workers enjoy Matera and Basilicata

It was back in 2012 when we launched the coliving project in Matera, to host people from all over the world in the city and create daily generative encounters between the local community and social innovators, digital nomads and curious travelers.

Since that day we have had the pleasure of hosting so many unique people every month and sharing not only coworking moments but also skills, lunches, dinners, explorations and visions with them.

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The month of August, speaking of meeting and sharing, was truly unforgettable.

From Poland we had the pleasure of welcoming Michal, a young software developer and a great traveler, who chose to live at Casa Netural for two months, so that together with our community he could fully go deep into the Mediterranean culture of Basilicata. During the day he worked on his notebook in our shared office, connected with people miles away; in the evenings he hanged out with the rest of our house guests and frequented the places experienced by the citizen of Matera, from the brewery to the gym.

Helen, a lover of literature, art, nature, philosophy, exploration and adventure, came to Casa Netural to disconnect from her daily routine and explore new social and human contexts, which are essential for her to be able to regenerate.

Alexia, a logistics manager who works completely remotely, joined us after researching the best coliving across Europe, drawn by the chance to meet other traveling professionals like herself.

Giacomo, a young restorer, has come to Matera to collaborate with the National Museum on the restoration of ancient works of art, and has been living with us for two months.

Alessandro, a young law student who is developing a new project with some colleagues, having the opportunity to travel during his studies chose to live with us for a while to contaminate himself with the visions and ideas of our community.

All of them, although with different profiles, arrived in Matera with a common vision: to experience the city not as individuals and mere tourists, but as real temporary inhabitants, merging with the local community, enjoying unique experiences with the locals and becoming part of a real community.

After working in our coworking space, we had many experiences together with them, for example, we went to Grottole to visit Wonder Bee&bee, community apiary and observatory on the world of bees, to learn about them by experiencing beekeeping and apitherapy. Then we joined the residents of the village in the celebration of the Feast of St. Rocco, patron saint of Grottole.

Guided by Giacomo, we visited the National Museum of Matera, where we had the possibility to admire some of the archaeological relics he restored, and enjoy a multisensory path to discover incredible artifacts related to mythological tales, taking a journey between real and virtual in Lucanian culture.

And to end the evening on a high note, after a walk downtown to admire the Sassi of Matera, we tasted some excellent beer at the 79 brewery.

digital nomads and remote worker in basilicata, italy, coliving casa netural
digital nomads living Saint Rocco feast in Grottole, Matera
nomadi digitali visitano il museo nazionale matera
digital nomads in italy, coliving casa netural matera

Finally, together with Nicola, a member of our community and a passionate explorer, we ventured into the Murgia of Matera, for a hike to discover the Canyon surrounding the city and its characteristic rocky churches, surrounded by the mystical and wild atmosphere that only an ancient city like Matera can provide.

coliving italy, casa netural, matera

It was a truly unique living and sharing experience, at the end of which, you feel not that you hosted or were guests, but that you were at home with friends, enjoying life together.

Have you ever had a coliving experience?
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To better experience the entire region, we have also created a special map to celebrate its communities and active projects that generate positive impact by fostering interesting and inspirational encounters for travelers.

A guide to become a spectator in a theater in the badlands, an explorer in the Lucanian Apennines, a researcher of cetaceans in the Ionian Sea, an adventurer in the rapids of a river, and much more. Download it to organise your next trip!

Click here to download our free guide to Rural Basilicata

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