Gillian Miller, from Montana to Matera for a coliving experience

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Gillian Miller, from Montana to Matera for a coliving experience

In 2012 Casa Netural launched the Coliving project, and started aggregating in Matera people from all around the world,  to work and grow together sharing skills and projects.

Every year we host many people from different countries and recently we have been mentioned by Code Control among the coliving space top ten in Europe.

In the last two months we had the pleasure to host really many interesting people, mostly digital nomad, for example a young girl from Montana: Gillian Miller. Here’s a little interview.

gillian miller coliving matera casa netural

“Hi Gillian, what’s your name, and where are you from?
Hi, my name is Gillian Miller, I’m 25, from Colstrip, Montana, USA.

What is your job, and how did you find Casa Netural?
I am a research associate for Remix Marketing Inc.
As remote worker, I can work from where everywhere, so I’m travelling as much as possible to discover new countries and cultures. I found Casa Netural on a Google search for the best coworking/coliving spaces in Europe. It was a bit of a whim for me. I wanted to go to Italy, and I wanted to try out coliving. I didn’t really care where I ended up. Luckily I ended up here!

How was your experience in Casa Netural and with the community?
I can’t say enough about my time here at Casa Netural. It’s been a truly life-giving experience for me. Everyone has gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome. I’ve never slotted into a community so fast! There is always something happening, new people to meet, new places to see, new food to try. I love this community, and will definitely recommend it to friends and return in the future.

Few words about Matera, What do you think about the city, what’s the thing you liked the most?
Oh, Matera! I love this city. It’s small but vibrant. The people are so friendly and warm, as well! Much like Casa Netural, there’s always something happening, some festival or aperativo, or dinner. I’m fascinated by Matera, it has such an interesting, important, sad past. Landing in such an amazing city was a very happy accident for me! Every time I walk into the Sassi I’m enchanted, it never gets old.

Thanks Gillian. Where Will you go now?
I’m off to Bulgaria, for a month to work from Coworking Bansko.
And then wherever the wind takes me!

Great, we wish you will have a great time wherever you will go, and hope to see you again in Matera the next year, because it will be European Capital of Culture, and there will be a lot to discover…”

gillian miller coliving matera casa netural

Gillian left Matera just some days ago, but we already miss her so much, because when you get in Casa Netural, then you become part of our community. Discover more stories on Coliving Casa Netural facebook page!

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