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Le 5 esperienze da fare a Matera

You still haven’t been to Matera and you’re looking for unique experiences to visit it?
Casa Netural made several lists with useful tips that will help you around the magical City of Sassi!

Let’s get started! Here’s the first list: 5 EXPERIENCES TO MAKE IN MATERA!

5 esperienze da fare a Matera


  • Jogging in the Sassi

Matera is always breathtaking, from dusk to down. Take your sneakers and plan a run in the oldest part of the city, where silence reigns. Go down the stairs near Palazzo Lanfranchi and you will find characteristic alleys, with colorful windows and front doors, flowers and plants which decorate balconies. Whichever way you decide to continue, the Murgia show will brighten your eyes. (more…)

Coliving: a deep cultural exchange for communities

Over the years, the Coliving at Casa Netural has welcomed many guests, including digital nomads, freelance professionals, but also tourists and families from all over the world, who have inevitably left their mark and an irreplaceable and precious memory.

With most of our guests we created a deep bond of friendship and, despite the many kilometers that divide us, we are able to keep in touch and we have created a network that truly embraces the world.

Last month with Mike Knas, who lives in Boston – United States, we did a Netural School Live on FB on the topics he really cares more about: marketing, design thinking and innovative methods.

mike knas coliving casa neturalMike is a digital nomad and works remotely, traveling the world. Before visiting our Coliving in February 2019, he had already been to Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania and Slovenia and couldn’t wait to be in Matera to immerse himself in the magic of the historic center and Lucanian traditions. Casa Netural, for Mike, was the best solution for his lifestyle, balancing the work and the need to visit new exciting places.

Here is what he wrote about his experience:

“Upon arriving in Matera, I was anxious to find the old town and see it with my own eyes. But because of the 6 hour time zone difference I needed to work by 3pm. 

So I checked in at Case Netural. Samuele, one of the hosts, showed me around, my living quarters, coworking space, and introduced me to everyone as well. I immediately felt warmth and interest from people who used the space. Everyone was kind and super curious about how in the world I head about Matera and why I wanted to visit. Early in the afternoon, I experienced something really cool. The espresso break. One of the residents went downstairs and shortly thereafter came up with a tray of espresso and snacks. I really appreciated how social Casa Netural residents were. a few Casa Netural members went to the kitchen to prepare a meal with locally sourced ingredients. I definitely participated, and took moments to notice how a community became a family to make and share the meal. In addition, the Casa Netural members included people from different parts of the world, for someone like me who thrives on such diversity, it was the best day ever.I’ve been to so many innovation hubs, but the social ones stand out the most because they help preserve humanity, kindness, and provide economic opportunities. Casa Netural became my favorite. “ (more…)

SUMMER 2020: one-week coliving experience in Matera

Summer is coming and the Coliving of Casa Netural has finally opened again!

2020 tested us from its very beginning, and after more than two months at home we can finally go out again.

Coliving Italy Casa Netural

We are ready to welcome our guests at the Coliving of Casa Netural for a one-week special formula.

By choosing the Coliving of Casa Netural you will be able to get in touch with our Mediterranean culture of southern Italy, characterized by its calmness and warmth. 

Freelancers looking for inspiration, nomad workers, digital workers and explorers from all over the world curious to visit the city of the Sassi, but also families looking for new adventures, will be welcomed in our community with the great enthusiasm and affection that characterizes Casa Netural, in compliance with all the sanitation rules to prevent and defeat Covid-19. 

The environment is completely sanitized, has a temperature measuring device at the entrance, gloves and hand sanitizing gels are available throughout the house. (more…)

La Materia di Matera, un racconto del tufo e delle sue forme

Matera e i suoi Sassi sono ormai famosi in tutto il mondo.
Ma cosa sono questi cosiddétti sassi?

Nell’ambito del progetto Mammamiaaa, co-prodotto con Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019, e grazie a Confagricoltura Basilicata, abbiamo inaugurato “La materia di Matera”, una speciale installazione visivo tattile nel cuore della Capitale Europea della Cultura che aiuterà i visitatori a capire la materia di cui sono composti i Sassi.

la Materia di Matera

L’installazione visivo tattile, realizzata in collaborazione con l’Associazione Culturale C-FARA, mostra e racconta infatti diverse textures di calcarenite (impropriamente detta tufo), in maniera tale che chiunque possa toccare, percepire, e capire la sostanza di cui sono composte le tipiche abitazioni di Matera.

L’installazione, in particolare, presenta dei testi in braille per essere fruita in maniera tattile, e la possibilità di ascoltare messaggi audio tramite l’utilizzo di QRcode. (more…)

La materia di Matera – inaugurazione installazione 29/10/2019

Nell’ambito del progetto Mammamiaaa, co-prodotto con Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019, l’associazione Casa Netural, grazie a Confagricoltura Basilicata, è lieta di inaugurare “La materia di Matera”, una speciale installazione visivo tattile nel cuore di Matera.

La cerimonia di inaugurazione, aperta a tutti,  si terrà martedì 29 ottobre alle ore 11:00 presso il Belvedere Luigi Guerricchio, in Piazza Vittorio Veneto

la materia di matera _1920x1280px

L’installazione visivo tattile, realizzata in collaborazione con l’Associazione Culturale C-FARA, mostrerà e racconterà diverse textures di tufo, in maniera tale che tutte le persone possano toccare, percepire, e capire la materia di cui sono composti i Sassi.

L’installazione, in particolare, presenterà dei testi in braille per essere fruita in maniera tattile, e la possibilità di ascoltare messaggi audio tramite l’utilizzo di QRcode

Collocata presso il Belvedere Luigi Guerricchio, ” La materia di Matera ” sarà visitabile gratuitamente tutto il giorno tutti i giorni. (more…)

Netural Coop: Matera 2019, il turismo di comunità crea sviluppo

Si è svolto a Matera, nell’ambito dell’evento internazionale “All Routes Lead to Rome”, il seminario “Matera 2019, comunità capitale europeo” promosso da Netural Coop.

Netural Coop _Matera 2019 Comunità Capitale Europea

Grazie ai rappresentanti di Airbnb, Banca Prossima, Fondazione Matera-Basilicata2019, Wonder Grottole e Casa Netural, il seminario, moderato dalla giornalista Antonella Ciervo, è stata l’occasione per parlare di nuove forme di accoglienza sostenibile, partecipata, aperta, autentica, in cui le comunità sono le protagoniste principali, in grado di ricollegare le persone ai loro territori, alle loro storie e alle loro vite.

“Il turismo deve creare una interazione attiva con la comunità locale per generare economia sostenibile per tutto il territorio.” ha dichiarato Mariella Stella, rappresentante di Netural Coop e co-fondatrice di Casa Netural. (more…)

Incubatore Netural: Eliana Viggiani e L’Albero di Eliana

A Matera continuano i percorsi dell’Incubatore Netural per sviluppare progetti ed idee imprenditoriali in cambio di competenze. Questa volta è stato il turno di Eliana Viggiani, giovane Materana appassionata di sostenibilità che gestisce un noto bed and breakfast nella Città dei Sassi, e ha deciso di partecipare per rivedere il suo progetto e svilupparlo ulteriormente. Samuele l’ha intervistata per sapere di più sul suo percorso.
albero eliana incubatore netural matera
Ciao Eliana, ci racconti chi sei?
Sono Eliana e vivo a Matera dove gestisco un piccolo b&b nei Sassi. Ho vissuto a Perugia, a Roma e in Australia prima di tornare a Matera e quest’ultima tappa mi ha permesso di esplorare meglio le mie passioni ed ha ispirato in me un cambio di vita. Da qualche anno mi dedico molto alla sostenibilità ambientale e cerco di ispirare chi mi circonda tramite il mio lavoro nel b&b e nella vita di tutti i giorni.
Perchè hai deciso di patecipare all’Incubatore Netural? Quale progetto stai sviluppando? (more…)

Anca Moscaliuc, an Erasmus for Young Entrepreuners in Matera with Casa Netural

Anca Moscaliuc, is a young entrepreuner from Romania. Thanks to the connection with Materahub, she lived in Coliving Casa Netural for 3 months, and enjoyed our community life, while working with our associate Mariateresa Paolicelli for her Erasmus for Young Entrepreuners in Matera. And this is one of the million of opportunities that our association can give you!

We asked her how she felt about her choice and what she took with her after this experience in Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019.

anca moscaliuc erasmus giovani imprenditori evs matera casa netural

Dear Anca, can you introduce yourself a bit? Where are you from? How old are you? Tell us about your professional path and what brought you here.

Hi, my name is Anca Moscaliuc, I’m from Suceava, Romania and I’m 23 years old.
Two years ago I graduated Law School in Romania, but I soon realised that my dreams and beliefs were in contradiction with the path I chose when I was younger. In that moment, I started the journey towards finding what makes me happy and what I want to do with my life. I was always in close connection with the educational field, thanks to my parents who are both teachers. At some point, while I was studying the educational system and methodology, it came to me that I wanted to help children that are struggling in schools and that feel unhappy just
because of an old, out-dated system. The idea was to create ‘safe houses’ where kids and youths have the chance to (more…)